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A touch friendly reddit image browser for Windows 8

Reddimage is a photo browser for the popular message board, reddit.

If you browse reddit only for the pictures, Reddimage will give you a touch friendly experience. Quickly vote on images or view their comment threads. The entire interface is based on the Windows Modern UI, featuring huge thumbnails of photos. Tapping on one will show a translucent bar at the bottom with the name of the user who submitted the photo and its caption.

While it's great that Reddimage built in features for voting and commenting, they are all half baked. For example, if there is a link inside the comments thread, you can't click on them. You can reply to comments if you log in with your reddit account.

Reddimage's quirks continue when you tap on a photo to make it full screen. It will crop the image into a square, stopping you from viewing the entire image. Images are also low quality, when compared viewing them on the site. Reddimage's images are pixelated while the photos look fine on the web. There is no reason Reddimage has to compress images.

Overall, Reddimage is a mediocre image browser, especially compared to apps like Fresh Pictures that do it better.


  • Reddit integration allows voting and commenting
  • Browse most popular photos
  • Easy to up/down vote images


  • Can't input custom subreddits
  • Linked comments aren't clickable
  • Pictures are pixelated
  • Doesn't show entire image

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